Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Friday Night Victor's Fans

Let's look and see what is on the Christmas wish list for our area teams.

Airport: More years like 1998-2012.

Bedford: Jeff Wood coaching for another decade.

Carlson: More of Jack Giarmo.

Dundee: A little bit of that wrestling magic on the gridiron.

Erie Mason: Three more years of Noah Beaudrie and friends.

Flat Rock: Another year of "Find a Way".

Grosse Ile: Two more years of the area's best linebacker, John Blanzy.

Huron: An elusive Huron League title.

Ida: Five more years of great football.

Jefferson: A 2018 week 1 victory.

Milan: More depth to go with the great talent and great coaching staff.

Monroe: Two more years of the area's best running back, Jared Banks.

Riverview: Another year of arguably the best offensive and defensive line play in the state.

SMCC: Another shot at Madison Heights Madison.


Anonymous said...

View wishlist
-Dom Wood stays healthy
-Tommy Gardner plays like a beast on Defense AND Offense
-Kyle Naif takes the "feature" back position in stride.
-Oline and Dline reloads
View faithful

Anonymous said...

When do the 2018 schedules get released?

Chris Schultz said...

I would imagine pretty soon. Most are probably in place, but haven't been shared with my source. If you go to each school website at the mhsaa website, they might be listed.

Anonymous said...

Heard Airport is playing Monroe week 1. Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

As a former falcon smcc needs to wish for a defensive secondary, theybhave always been weak there, always.

Gary Hauf said...

Airport is playing Monroe. Week 1.

Gary Hauf said...

I can name some really good defensive backs from SMCC in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Wow nobody can say Airport is scheduling weak opponents non league. Early line Monroe by 7.

Anonymous said...

Always sticking up for those Falcons. LOL. Never a "yeah, I would agree" LOL

Gary Hauf said...

They’ve been on the wrong end of some jump balls that’s for sure. However. They have had some really nice db’s.