Monday, November 26, 2018

All Blog 2018

This is the first time ever we have done an All Blog team. It was tough with 16 teams and us picking an offense and a defense. There will be 12 players on each side of the ball plus a kicker and a punter. We also included our Overall Player of the Year, as well as, Defensive Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year.

Overall Player of the Year
E/RB/DB/KR Jalen Johnson Sr, Monroe

Chris's Comment: I saw Johnson play three times this season. He was one of the best football players I have seen all year. People came to their feet every time he touched the ball. Johnson was one of the many reasons you saw a resurgence in Monroe High football this season.

Offensive Player of the Year
E/RB Tristen Hines Jr, Milan

Gary's Comment:  A threat to take it to the house every time he touched the ball. His versatility is what makes him so valuable. Run it, catch it, he can do it all. 

Defensive Player of the Year
LB Johnny Blanzy Jr, Grosse Ile

Chris's Comment: Blanzy was a man among boys in every game this year. The physical junior was virtually unblockable and when he tackled you, you knew it.

Coach of the Year
Jon Bodner, Grosse Ile 9-1

Bodner led the Grosse Ile to their first 9-0 regular season since 1965. The Red Devils fell in the playoffs 28-21 to Chelsea, which finished runner-up in Division 4 this season.

OL Joe Schnorberger Sr, Monroe
OL Maverick LeMothe Sr, Grosse Ile
OL Chris Beck Sr, Milan
OL Cade Nelson Sr, Bedford
OL Chris Janice Sr, Carlson
QB Maleik Linton Sr, Monroe
RB Logan Murphy Sr, Whiteford
RB Luke Harwood Sr, Grosse Ile
RB Christian Brown Jr, Bedford
E    Bryce Smith Jr, Summerfield
E    Karar Al-rekabi Sr, Grosse Ile
E    Bryce Iott Sr, SMCC
K   Joe Pizzo So, Grosse Ile

DL DeShaun Williams Sr, Whiteford
DL Alex Longenbarger Sr, Ida
DL Blake Wingate Sr, Bedford
DL Gus Flint, Jr, SMCC
LB Sam Cousino Jr, SMCC
LB Kyle Naif Sr, Riverview
LB Hayes Brooks Sr, Monroe
LB McCallister McAvoy Sr, Dundee
DB Walter Turner Jr, Carlson
DB Evan Furtney Jr, Milan
DB Hunter Lake Sr, Whiteford
DB Brendan Dafoe Jr, Summerfield
P    Luke Williams Jr, Dundee


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy somewhere on here Jake Welinau should appear. He was the best football player on Ida's team.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did Jared banks not make the list the kid is a beast on the field, he had better stats than almost everyone on here.

Gary Hauf said...

Jack we deleted your post by mistake. Please feel free to re-post.

Chris Schultz said...

Banks and Weilnau were excellent players and had great seasons. We only have 3 RB. What RB should we have left off from our list?

Anonymous said...

What did you base it off be Cause if you go by stats or by big game I'm pretty sure Banks lead those categories just saying.

Chris Schultz said...

He didn't.

Gary Hauf said...

The problem with these All-anything teams, is that someone will always have to be left out.

We could have did it like the Monroe News and had 7 Qb's, 8Rb's and so on... and they even cover less teams than us.

Kind of waters it down a bit if you do it like that.

We selected who we thought were the very best. There are some, like the 2 players mentioned, that got strong consideration. But no matter how you slice it, someone will always feel left out, by fans, parents or the players themselves.

Black Beard said...

It's very clear you guys know football in this area. You have taken this forum to the next level. I would bet that most of the reporters in the area and in the state are following some of your advice for selections on this year's top players. There is nobody who is connecting with programs, watching games on film, and sitting in the stands giving us their unbiased opinions the way that you guys have. Most reporters know who the stat kings are but have no idea who is grinding it out in the trenches. I would hope that the coaches continue to give you guys access to their thoughts as well because promoting football in this area increases participants and enthusiasm in a game that continues to decline in numbers. Thank you guys for a wonderful platform to get the best coverage in high school football and an outlet to express our feelings as fans.

Anonymous said...

Is this it for the blog question for the year? If so, thank you guys for another great year of the blog. I love looking at this and seeing comments and posts and what people say. Also I believe this is the second year for the videos. I love looking on Wednesday and Thursday and seeing the videos of what yall think and hearing about CC. Thanks again for another great year.

-Jack Walsh CC Student Graduate 2020

Anonymous said...

Chris, I would agree 100% with your Jalen Johnson pick. The kid is electric and has elite speed. In response to Jared Banks, he is a tough kid who runs hard and is a solid football player, but if you gave Jalen the touches that Jared got this year the stats would not be close.

Anonymous said...

@639. I’m sure glad they were both on our team !!! And no backs are anything without their line/ receivers/ other backs blocking and faking. It all works together. Was a fun year hit the weights underclassmen and get ready for next year.

-Monroe Trojans

Anonymous said...

so justin chambless' 149 TACKLES doesn't cut it huh

Anonymous said...

That is four really good linebackers, plus Blanzy. No shame to be behind those guys.

Anonymous said...

Blanzy, Hines and Harwood all honored with All State. Pretty impressive for Huron league .

Anonymous said...

If I knew then what I know now. I would of done things a lot different.

Anonymous said...

Detroit News All West Football team first team honors Blanzy
Second team honors Cousino, Naif, Harwood, Hines,
And many honorable mentions.
Can’t say that the Huron league isn’t tough. Well represented.

Mark Majeske said...

The ap all state division 3-4 team should be out tonight

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hines for First Team All State selection Det News. Blanzy on the second team. Well Deserved

THE View Faithful said...