Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Riverview 30 Crestwood 28

Onsted 28 Grosse Ile 6
Monroe 35 SMCC 21
Ida 52 Flat Rock 34
Huron 52 Annapolis 12
Riverview 25 Crestwood 23

SMCC 21 Monroe 6
Wyandotte 58 Huron 0
Crestwood 22 Riverview 12


Anonymous said...

Freshman Crestwood 22 Riverview 12
JV Riverview 25 Crestwood 23

watchfuleye said...

Justin Busch-MLB is another player to watch in Huron

Anonymous said...

I thought the blog was being terminated? You find your second wind Chris?

Huronleaguefootball said...

Well I won't be writing any previews or game summaries. No stat tracking either.

Anonymous said...

Airport was up 38-0 at halftime. EM

Anonymous said...

Grosse Ile JV

Onsted 28 Grosse Ile 6

Grosse Ile will not be 9-0 this year. Main issues starters are all injured.

Anonymous said...

Riverview get caught lookin ahead to next Friday's showdown or they not that good?

Anonymous said...

Riverview was up 24-0 at halftime. Their defensive line kind of reminds of an old mid 90's Monroe Jefferson team; 2 big fireplug tackles and a tall athletic DE.

Crestwood's coach must have given one heck of a halftime speech. Combine that with a couple bad special teams mistakes and turnovers and all of a sudden it's a game.

Riverview's kicker is solid. That was the difference.