Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions

What new head coach will lead his team to the playoffs in their first year?

I look forward to the Giarmo/Speiss playoff match ups of the future.

Who are the new stars that will emerge in 2017?

Nice to see Carlson's Jaylan Franklin and Milan's Michael Furtney picking up big time offers.

Speed or Power?

Are there any coaches on the hot seat?

Optimism in Carleton?

How does Bedford replace the Joe's?

How will Jaylan Franklin fit into Giarmo's T?

Is Dundee's Ben Miller the best two-way player in the LCAA?

The LCAA isn't the easiest place to turn around a struggling program.

Garden City and Ann Arbor Huron are a much bigger jump in non-league scheduling than Flat Rock fans might realize.

Huron just refurbished their weight room with $45,000 in private donations.

Can Bodner rebuild at Grosse Ile or are we looking at 2007-2008?

What's up at Ida?

Can Jefferson rebuild with quantity overall quality?

Milan is retooling their coaching staff.

Does Monroe even care about Trojan football anymore?

Are they putting the James Vollmar Strength and Conditioning Center to good use down in Riverview?

Have we seen the last of Navarre Field after the 2017 season?

Is it me or have we not heard Jim Hairball's name in a while?


Anonymous said...

Plenty of optimism in Carleton. They got some talent, especially in the Junior class. Now what that means with a rookie coach remains to be seen. At least that rookie coach learned from one of the best coaches in league history. Hey Chris you should worry a little less about the Hairball and a little more about your own team my friend. Cupboard starting to look empty in East Lansing. EM

Gary Hauf said...

I think the city of Monroe loves their Trojan football. I suspect you will see many a comment of support here soon!

Anonymous said...

You do a great job Chris. Just one persons opinion, but the gold and black is a little hard to read. Might consider a color change lol

Gary Hauf said...

Black on yellow is hard to read?

Anonymous said...

i see Woolford and McGrath being the biggest threats offensively in the HL.

Anonymous said...

You might be right. Nobody on here talking about Monroe High.

Andy F said...

I am an Airport fan but I have learned that pre-season optimism gets you nothing. They do return virtually every player on offense minus 3 linemen. I am hoping a new offense and defense will breathe life into the Jets.

Why would 2017 be the last year SMCC plays at Navarre Field?

I think both Giarmo and Spiess lead their teams to the playoffs in their first seasons. Those 2 coaches facing off against each other would be a great game, right now with a slight edge to Giarmo because he has MSU recruit Franklin.

Good for Huron and their $45,000 renovation to the weight room. Does that mean that field turf is coming next? Upgrading the visitor stands would be appreciated too~~~

It has been a long time since the people in Monroe were excited about Trojan football with SMCC having most of the success the last 15 years. Hopefully the revolving door of coaches stops with Notario and he can bring back some pride to the Trojan faithful.

The LCAA is a tougher league than most would assume. Good luck to Mason's coach trying to turn that program around with Ida,Hillsdale, Columbia Central, Hudson, Dundee, and Blissfield all playing good football last year.

Ben Miller is impressive on offense, probably the best running back in the LCAA next year but he is average at best on defense.

Flat Rock could lose both non league games if they are not careful. Has AAH hired a head coach yet?

Has Ida even started interviews? Would Redmond like to take over since his grandson is on the roster?

Anonymous said...

View is using the new weight room just fine.
View hopeful

Chris Schultz said...

I'm assuming they might try and build their own field out at the old Boysville location that was recently endowed to SMCC.

I think Notario is a good coach for Monroe. They need to be patient and give it time.

Redmond would be a solid choice for Ida. Not sure if he is interested.

Resun said...

hi,,,Notario is a very good coach..


GJH said...

Southeastern Michigan Regional Rankings:
1- Bedford...possible rematch with DMLK could happen
2- Huron...New coaches and new QB plus talent equals a good season for NBH
3- Carlson.. Jack Giarmo...'nuff said
4- Milan.... will be much much much better than people think
5- Monroe... Trojans have more talent than anyone, need to put it all together
6- SMCC... The folks say the talent pool is on the upswing for the Catholics.
7- Ida ... There is still talent but their success depends on who will be the next HFC. Could Redmond come in and revive another program ?~?~?~?
8- Flat Rock... This is a make or break year for the Rams, are they back ?!?
9- Riverview... Year 2 in the T should be much better for the Bucs
10- Airport ... Returns a ton of talent, new HFC, anything is possible in Carleton
11- Dundee ... May have the best running back in the area in Ben Miller but need to get more than 5 wins a year to be considered a league power
12- Jefferson ... New HFC, same brand of Jefferson football, anything is possible
13- Grosse Ile ... Big rebuilding job on the island, are there JV players ready to compete?
14- Mason... Some transfers and new HFC will help the Eagles. 3-6 or 4-5 is not impossible

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Navarre Field is for sale? Or anything at all about it?

Anonymous said...

is SMCC turning newly donated land into a stadium a real thing or just a rumor? You still would have to build stands, pressbox, and bring a field and stadium up to code and regulations. Wouldn't be cheap!

Anonymous said...

Think the two Spiess players will be new stars, SMCC's backfield will be very talented. Also the lineman from Milan is obviously a star. Heard Riverview has a nice back as well.

Anonymous said...

Miss the good ole Trojan days we had the whole town behind us..lets put it together Monroe..