Monday, May 8, 2017

Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions

How many days until practice starts?

Talent or coaching. what is more important in high school football?

Scratching my head on Bedford this season.

I'm pretty sure the Downriver League is shaking in their shoes.

Congrats to Dundee Athletic Director Tom Oestrike on the birth of his daughter Ellie Jo.

Sounds like they're working hard down on Eagle Drive.

Flat Rock put'in in the work too!

Don't think they like me so much over on the island. Oh well.

Where does loyalty begin and end?

I have no clue if Ida will be any good this season.

Bears coming back after coaching change?

Going to be hard to pick anything but success for Milan again this season.

Are you the head coach of a program everyday or just on practice and game days?

No quarter?

Expect a long playoff run from Falcons if they survive the regular season.

Who is the next local team to put in field turf?

Are Division I players born or made?

It's been a long school year.

Do any local schools have a power lifting team?


Anonymous said...

Chris what about us?
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Chris Schultz said...

No quarter should explain it all.

Anonymous said...

Both talent and coaching matters in high school football. You can't have one or the other and expect to be successful consistently.

I heard Bedford and Huron were looking at field turf for 2018.

I expect Ida to stay at the top of the LCAA for the time being. Coach Potter is a good coach and winning breeds winning.

I highly doubt the Downriver League is shaking over Carlson's new coach. Coach Giarmo is good and he will be successful but the Downriver League isn't full of pushovers either. It takes time to build a championship program.

I predict Milan to be at the top of a somewhat down Huron League.

SMCC makes the playoffs at 5-4

Is it true some Ida players transferred to Mason before the end of the first semester?

Anonymous said...

Quarterback? Dom Wood? Started quite a bit last year.
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Chris Schultz said...

What does the term no quarter mean in pirate lore?

Gary Hauf said...

I always thought it meant, you can't stay here. Or no prisoners. But this is so cryptic of you Chris... do tell!!

Gary Hauf said...

....and we have our first "the league is down comment". In May :)

Anonymous said...

Just wish you paid a little more attention and knew what you were talking about "down here on the island"

Chris Schultz said...

You mean like picking them to tie for a league championship last season after finishing 4-5 the year before and that actually happening? The consensus of the league coaches had them picked to finish 5th in the league (source: Detroit News). Guess I don't know much.

I think we do pretty well considering the limited info we are given from the island.

Anonymous said...

Down year? Definitely not. SMCC going to be improved along with Huron. Also Milan going to be good. Very competitive 3 team race for league title.

Anonymous said...

Gary & Chris, I'm curious what your top 3 would be heading into the season for the Huron League. Right now I've got
A little unsure to have Milan or SMCC as #1.

Gary Hauf said...

I think my #1 might surprise some.

Anonymous said...

Sticking with Milan as my #1. I have two main questions for this season. Can SMCC return to a major playoff contender and can Spiess turn Huron into a very good team in his first year.

rugby said...

GI will have a solid line both ways. It's going to come down to skill position players in my opinion. Obviously it's tough when you loose #25, #9, #73 #55, and others. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Who would your #1 be Gary?

Anonymous said...

1a Smcc 1b Milan 3 Riverview 4 Huron.. my top 4..

Anonymous said...

Giarmo will retire in 2 or 3 years after getting slapped around by Allen Park and Wyandotte

Anonymous said...

I doubt that will happen. Wyandotte has been way down and AP lost a ton from a good team. No one is scary in that league.

Milan Fan

Anonymous said...

egat coaches have a better resume then Jack in that league? Wyandotte never makes it past a regional and AP has been pretty average overall over the last 10-15 years since they had the Brighton kids. The only question is if GC will be good enough in the treanches. Bigger schools then the Huron league, but zero great teams. Jack will be the best coach in that league and the only one with a title under his belt.

Milan Fan

Gary Hauf said...

Without getting out and seeing the teams, my early prediction is a shared title between Milan and Huron. The HL should have many close games as mentioned above.

Gary Hauf said...

I'm interested to see how the LCAA teams do as well. Ida loses a ton, Erie can only go up and I have a feeling Dundee is on the upswing.

Ed Morrison said...

Agreed Gary, Dundee does look to be on the upswing. Airport/Dundee in week one should be interesting. EM

John R. said...


Dundee should be on the upswing. The program should be in place now that we are going into Coach Mack's third season. Miller is a good player.

Ida should still be in the top tier of the league.

Mason can only improve. Is it true they had multiple transfers from Ida?

Gary Hauf said...

What are the chances Monroe High starts out 5-0? Seem like 5 winnable games off the bat.

Anonymous said...

Monroe needs to start hot, so they are riding high when Bedford comes to town. They have some program building to do before they can consistently compete with the likes of Bedford and Saline year in and year out.