Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Monroe Jefferson All-Time Top 10 Teams

Time to start something a little new. We are going to rank the all-time teams of each school. We will only go back as far as 1950. Obviously, this is subjective. We're not saying that certain teams would beat others, but the picks will be relative based on the era they played in.

1. Jefferson 1994, 12-1

2. Jefferson 1999, 11-2

3. Jefferson 1983, 9-0

4. Jefferson 1993, 10-1

5. Jefferson 1992, 8-1

6. Jefferson 1988, 8-2

7. Jefferson 2001, 9-2

8. Jefferson 2006, 8-2

9. Jefferson 1982, 7-2

10. Jefferson 1962, 6-1-1

There you have it. Disagree? Let us know why. Did we miss a team? Which one and why?


Anonymous said...

The 1983 team may have been the best team overall to play at Jefferson. The 1994 state champions had an a excellent season. But in 1983 the field of teams that made the playoffs were reduced to much smaller fields. The 83 Bears played up to every opponent, and had they made the playoffs, I think they could have been Jefferson's first state champions.

Chris Schultz said...

Great team and great players in 1983. They deserved a shot at the playoffs. Overtime win over a 5-4 Flat Rock team along with a 3 point win over a 4-5 SMCC team that year makes me question whether they were better than the 94 or 99 teams.

Anonymous said...

98 team lost 2 games by 3 total points....ended Milan’s regular season win streak

Anonymous said...

I agree Chris , 83 was a good team that year was the first they beat CC for the first time ever. They were not pounding teams , but I give them credit they won the huron league that year .

Gary Hauf said...

What was the name of the DE on the 94 team. Had a great title game. Great year really.

Anonymous said...

Wasn’t it Craig Maddox?

Money said...

Yes it was Craig Maddux! And that 92 team was very good
As well! To go 8-1 and not make the playoffs espwcially after beating the “sure thing to repeat” falcons 34-0 was a shame. All in all good list overall though!

Gary Hauf said...

Yes. Craig Maddux. One of the best performances I have ever seen. Completely shut down the right side of the EGR offense.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson has become a cheerleader school..

Anonymous said...

That 99 team was very good as well... the 3 games they played against Airport between 99 and 2000 were some of the most physical high school football I’ve ever watched

Anonymous said...

Jefferson has become a cheerleading school.. rah rah rah..

Anonymous said...

1965 7-2 Lakeshore conference champs led by Jim Fisher

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I imagine the 2003 team finished just outside the top-10. They had a good year & went 7-2 but got put in districts with 3 undefeated teams: Airport, Trenton, & Allen Park. Allen Park ended Jefferson’s season on the way to the State Championship Game.

Allen Park 35, Monroe Jefferson 6
Carleton Airport 21, Trenton 12
District Final: Allen Park 12, Carleton Airport 10
Regional Final: Allen Park 24, Dearborn Divine Child 14