Monday, June 25, 2018

Carlson All-Time Top 10 Teams

1.  Carlson 2006, 9-2

2.  Carlson 2017, 9-2

3.  Carlson 1996, 8-2

4.  Carlson 2005, 7-3

5.  Carlson 1997, 8-1

6.  Carlson 2003, 7-3

7.  Carlson 1999, 7-3

8.  Carlson 1982, 6-3

9.  Carlson 2009, 6-4

10. Carlson 1984, 6-3

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Anonymous said...

2017 should be #1.... the 05 team that everyone was in love with was not that good and the 06 team that notvas many people were in love with was not as good as last years team.. Pretty good list here though...I’d say the top 4 are spot on just not in the right order.

Gary Hauf said...

2017 played the tougher schedule and may have been the better team but giving up 9.4 PPG is strong.

Both 17 and 06 lost to comparable teams in the playoffs. Both View and Chelsea were pretty darn good. I went defense over offense.

Anonymous said...

Think Pink

Anonymous said...

9.4ppg yeah but who did they play? 4 of their games were against teams 2-7 or worse and only 2 team they played had a winning record and one wa 5-4.... Highland Park was pretty good that year though...

Gary Hauf said...

I guess part of me just didn't want to believe that last year's team was the best ever at Carlson.

Anonymous said...

If that was the best team ever at Carlson, then it hasn’t been much of a football school.

Anonymous said...

In 04, 05, 06 Carlson was in the worst league ever assembled. The 17 team was 10000000000x better as were the 97 and 99 teams.