Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Friday Night Victors Thoughts and Questions

Are you ready for some football?

Offense fills the seats, defense wins championships.

Can Bedford get over the Saline hump this year?

Year two under Giarmo at Carlson will be even better.

Lower expectations make success even sweeter.

Why not Erie Mason?

Defensive Player of the Year poll going over on twitter

Flat Rock isn't going anywhere people.

Don't expect Grosse Ile to be down two straight years.

I think this new guy will be around New Boston for a long time.

Sophomore jinx?

I'll be a fan of the Bears until they get a 2018 win.

It will be hard for me to pick against Milan this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if Monroe runs the table this season.

Riverview isn't going anywhere either.

SMCC Ford Field or bust?

Welcome to the blog Summerfield!

Look for an Offensive Player of the Year poll on twitter later on in the week.

You too, Whiteford!

I have honestly never been to Ottawa Lake or Whiteford.

Look for a Power Ranking video soon!


Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the words to fly lol. Good luck to all this year

Anonymous said...

Oh my...since the Trojans are not much good on the gridiron...they are now taking up Billiards? And you expect them to do well??

Anonymous said...

Well if I wasn't excited about this upcoming season yet I sure am now.

Anonymous said...

Of course we're ready.

I believe Airport will outscore their opponents.

I don't see Bedford beating Saline.

Carlson may be better, but I don't see their record being better.


Why Erie Mason?

You forgot some better players on that poll.

Flat Rock will not be .500

I agree with your Grosse Ile assessment. Bodner is a good coach.

Isn't the bridge out in New Boston? How can you stay there if you can't get there?



You always pick Milan, whats the difference?

How can Monroe run the table when they lose week 1?

Not sold on Riverview.



Make sure you pick the right players for this poll.

Me neither.

I bet you leave someone deserving off.

Anonymous said...

Your right, Flat rock won’t be .500, 5-4 win percentage is .555

Black Beard said...

Looking forward to a great year guys. I feel like we are just dropping in on a 15 week fortnite session. Collect your weapons and watch out for the storm. Every team in your coverage area is a playoff team until game week 3 starts swallowing up some dreams. Offices around the metro area soon will be ringing out with the sounds of “you are an idiot 10:28!”, “Gary is such a homer!”, “Did anyone catch the Airport JV score?” “These Guys never publish my f’n posts” can’t wait to read and watch it all. Go Bucs!

Gary Hauf said...

If anyone would like to mention any players that they feel may have been left off the list... feel free.

Gary Hauf said...


I see what you did there.

Why cant Monroe have a great season this year. "running the table" is never easy but I can surely see a 7-2 season for the Trojans.

Anonymous said...

6:16AM...They might have a decent team as you say...you said that last year...but if it is true this year...they will probably lead the area in givaways just to make you...scratch your head!! :)

Anonymous said...

Are ready for some football- Always
Giarmo- not as good in the 2nd year 6-3 out first round of the playoffs
Milan- League champs
SMCC- lose to madison heights playoffs
Huron- Good coaching hire. Wish it was a year earlier.
Riverview- 6-3 out first round of the playoffs
Flat Rock- 4-5
Jefferson- Just win baby!!


Anonymous said...

Will AP not give up 500-600 yds/game vs the T? Bucs, SMCC, da bears will be 3 losses if not

Anonymous said...

Erie Mason is the Oregon of High school football.

Anonymous said...

Jared banks of the Monroe trojan is the best running back in the area he will give airport all types of problems trying to tackle. I see a big day for banks

Anonymous said...

Not even the best running back in Huron League but will have a big day against airport.JBR

Anonymous said...

Sorry, miss typed. not even the best running back covered by the Huron League Blog. I have been to a couple of Monroe's practice. Banks does look good but mite need to wait a year or 2 for that title. JBR

Chris Schultz said...

I can’t post speculation like that but I will have you know we discussed that possibly back in May as a group at FNV. We were way ahead of the curve on that one

Anonymous said...

Ok so who do you think is the top five running back in the Huron league?

Chris Schultz said...

Hmmmmmm. Have to think about that. I like Dyl and Bondy from Airport. Naif from Riverview. Aeschbacker from Milan. Williams from Huron. Harwood from GI. Marino from SMCC. Look out for Morgan from SMCC, he may be a sleeper because they have so many guys that run the ball.

Anonymous said...

Ok that's a nice list but none of those kids can carry the rock like banks did last year. Banks will have a better junior season than his sophomore year

Chris Schultz said...

the question was about the huron league.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments above the conversation started about banks being the best running in his area an someone else said he's not so I asked who was the top 5 then?

Anonymous said...

I’m sure Banks is a good running back but he doesn’t have the same line this year that he had last year. That line was huge last year.