Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Friday Night Victors. Let’s take a look at our school’s Christmas wish list for the upcoming season.

Airport would really like a playoff birth.

Bedford wants healing and peace.

Carlson would like another year of unparalleled success.

Dundee is hoping to win the close games.

Erie Mason would like two more years of Noah Beaudrie.

Flat Rock is just thankful for Coach Buck Reaume and his staff.

Grosse Ile is looking for another great year from Johnny Blanzy and friends.

Huron is hopeful that a Head Coach will stay.

Ida is hoping for a 7th straight playoff birth.

Jefferson would like a win to go with their effort.

Milan is hoping for a 2019 league title.

Monroe would like another senior class like last year.

Riverview would like another 2 year run like the last two.

SMCC would like to avoid the injury bug and play a game with their full lineup.

Summerfield would like some experience for their young coach.

Whiteford  is just thankful for the best 4 year run in Monroe County history.

Chris would like Gary and Frank to continue sharing their expertise and passion with fans of the blog.


Anonymous said...

Whiteford, Chris, Whiteford!! Lol Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

I know Milan is wishing to get numbers like they used to between 40-45 kids and not 20-25 like the last few years. I think SMCC is wishing the same thing. Hard to beat teams in the playoffs with those numbers and injuries.

John Richcreek said...

I know it is a delicate situation but I am surprised there isn't more talk on who will be the next coach at Bedford. A friend of mine who coaches in the lower levels at Bedford has told me that the job posting has already been taken down so does the administration at Bedford already have someone in mind? My son used to play in the LCAA so I can think of at least 3 current coaches or a nearby TCC coach who would be a good fit there but I am nothing more than an armchair quarterback anyway!

Regardless, I hope for the kids' sake at Bedford, they find someone who will help them move forward and keep the program successful.

Chris and Gary, thanks for all you do to promote area high school football, I hope you will continue the blog!

Anonymous said...

Chris - Huron wish?? Is he leaving?

Chris Schultz said...

Most schools would have posted the job ASAP and leave the position open for a few weeks. I am assuming that is what Bedford has done.

I fully expect Coach Smith to stay at Huron, but after 4 coaches in 4 years, the post makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Great job guys and Happy 2019
Chris u being a downriver guy has to remember channel 3 and the high school game of the week.
Bob Zahari would also bring in coaches and players in during week before the game -High school kids lived to see their game on delayed TV. U guys do a lot and if somehoe time permitted-interviews with coaches and players would be a really great idea to this site -i know in thw summer we get the player profiles-but during season stuff with coaches and players would be great .

Chris Schultz said...

I would love to do that. Tough to find the time, but that would be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Any new opponents for our teams this year?

Anonymous said...

Ida and Airport week 1 should be a good one.
SMCC has a week 1 & week 9 open, hopefully they have an easier time finding opponents this year.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it SMCC almost had a week 1 with madison heights. Madison backed out at the last second. Would have been a great rematch for the Falcons.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the matchup of Cousino and Blanzy. Both solid players. Thoughts on who is better? and where will they go to college and play?

Anonymous said...

I don't see Blanzy playing Division 1. Not being a hater, but just not that level.

Anonymous said...

Several new matchups this year-

Huron - Melvindale
Ida - Airport
Monroe - Wyandotte
Dundee - Summit Academy
Jefferson - ???
SMCC - ???